About our Company

Norpin Manufacturing Company Inc.

Our Commitment to our Customers

marginAt Norpin Manufacturing Company, Inc., a deep commitment to customer service is the core of our manufacturing philosophy. It shapes every facet of our operation, from our wide selection of standard enclosures to our quality assurance program. It has earned Norpin a reputation for excellence and a leadership role in the field of deep drawn enclosures.
marginLeading edge technology enables us to respond to your needs quickly and accurately. A computerized managerial system is the key to the Norpin service advantage. To expedite delivery, we offer over 25,000 standard enclosures drawn from the highest quality aluminum alloys, brass, copper, steel & stainless steel.
marginOur computerized production system facilitates prompt delivery of standard square, retangular and round enclosures and covers. Typically, standard units are shipping within 4 weeks (no minimum quantity is required). However, if you need a shorter lead time, let us know. We will be happy to work with your schedule. Modified units and custom work receive immediate attention and are processed as quickly as possible depending on the degree of difficulty and extent of modifications.
marginToday, our commitment to service extends beyond these primary deep drawn capabilities. An ongoing modernization program continues in our support operations to make Norpin your single source supplier.

Our Mission Statement

  • "To provide a competitive and dependable source for deep drawn enclosures where quality and on time delivery is critical."

Our Quality Policy

  • "Norpin Manufacturing Company Inc. is committed to continuously strive to meet or exceed customer’s expectations and needs."

Our Core Values

  • Customer Centric
  • Constant Improvement
  • Team Work
  • Green
  • Responsible Capitalism
low cost draw die tooling and cnc fixtures for deep drawn aluminum cans

Economically Priced Tooling & CNC Fixtures

Ask us about our economically priced draw die tooling and our flat rate cnc fixtures.

standard deep drawn metal enclosure catalog

Standard Product Catalog

We have over 25,000+ standard shapes and sizes of deep drawn metal enclosures available with little to no tooling costs.

Custom aluminum, brass, coper, steel, and stainless steel seamless enclosures

Custom Drawn or Fabricated Enclosures

We can help you engineer your custom deep drawn or fabricated enclosures from start to finish out of materials such as cold rolled steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, aluminum and more.

Stainless Steel caps,and drawn enclosure catalog

Stainless Steel & Steel(CRS) Enclosures

We are well known for our quality aluminum enclosures. Did you know? We also specialize in Stainless Steel & Cold Rolled Steel Enclosures. View our catalog or call us today for more information.

Services We Offer

  • Deep Drawn Manufacturing
  • Hydroforming
  • Metal Stamping
  • CNC Machining
  • Finishing Services
  • Design & Prototyping
  • Value Added Services

Industries We Serve

  • Medical & Laboratory
  • Audio & Video Electronics
  • Electrical
  • Automotive & Marine
  • Military & Defense
  • Agricultural & Food Service
  • And many other industries around the world.

What We Manufacture

  • Shallow & Deep Drawn Enclosures
  • Seamless Enclosures
  • Metal Boxes
  • Instrument Housings
  • Battery Covers
  • Aluminum Cases
  • Metal Shells, Caps & Cups