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Custom Deep Drawn Metal Enclosures

Material We Use: Aluminum - Brass - Copper - Steel - Stainless Steel - Titanium - Mu Metal

What We Manufacture: Seamless Enclosures - Metal Boxes - Instrument Housings - Shells - Caps - Cups - Covers

Industries Served: Medical - Electrical - Electronics - Automotive - Industrial - Agricultural - Food Service - Military - Defense

custom sheet metal enclosures

We specialize in custom deep drawn metal enclosures. We can guide you through the process of prototyping a custom metal enclosure from start to finish by helping you engineer your custom metal enclosure design and selecting the right type and thickness of materials that can be used for the type of industrial enviroment the custom metal enclosure will be used.

The most common deep drawn metals used for industrial metal enclosures are aluminum, steel, stainless steel, copper, brass and titanium. Other deep drawn metals are usually available upon request and are subject to availablity.

For non-standard sizes or shapes.
Contact Jen or Luke.

Prototype Pricing Prototype Pricing

We offer a “money back” option for low quantity prototype orders. Order now, pay the low quantity / higher prototype price, and earn credit toward placing your first production order of 100 pieces or more.

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