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Deep Drawn Enclosures Applications and Uses

Cans & Canisters

Metal Caps

Metal Cases

Metal Cups

Deep Drawn Seamless Cans
brass cans
transistor cans
deep drawn cans
battery cans
steel cans
copper cans
aluminum cans
stainless steel cans
bronze cans
capacitor cans
transformer cans
electrical cans
electronic cans
seamless cans
medical equipment cans
miniature enclosures
automotive cans
fuel cell cans
solar panel equipment cans
wind turbine equipment cans
instrument cans
metal end caps
fuse caps
connector caps
steel caps
battery caps
metal caps
bronze caps
stainless steel caps
aluminum caps
hose caps
brass caps
salt & pepper caps
copper caps
seamless caps
fuel cell caps
solar panel equipment caps
wind turbine caps
instrument caps
aerospace equipment caps
Aluminum Cases
battery cases
steel cases
copper cases
brass cases
stainless steel cases
deep drawn cases
ammunition, gun cases
equipment cases
transistor cases
transformer cases
bronze cases
metal protective cases
instrument cases
medical cases
Riser Tube Sleeves - Irrigation Industry
Filler Caps - Commercial industry
Rotor Cups - Electronic Industry
Automotive Suspension Components
HVACR compressors Housings
Aluminum cups
steel cups
copper cups
brass cups
stainless steel cups
bronze cups
seamless cups
deep drawn cups
seamless cups
battery cups
fuel cell cups
solar panel equipment cups
wind turbine cups
instrument cups
medical grade cups
military grade metal cups

Deep Drawn




Metal Shells


Metal Stampings

Deep Drawn Canisters
deep draw metal stampings
deep draw metal components
deep draw containers
deep draw housings
deep draw presses
deep draw enclosures
deep draw instrument enclosures
deep drawn shapes
Aluminum Housing
steel housing
brass housing
stainless steel housing
copper housing
motor housings
motor fan housings
enviromental housing
electrical housing
electronic housing
transformer housing
regular housing
antenna housing
deep draw housing
sensor housing
medical equipment housing
pump housing
battery housing
fuel cell housing
filter housings
automotive part housings
wind turbine housing
solar panel housing
instrument housings
appliance housings
industrial equipment housings
medical equipment housings
aerospace equipment housings
Aluminum Shells
steel shells
stainless steel shells
copper shells
brass shells
filter shells
seamless shells
deep draw shells
shallow draw shells
battery shells
fuel cell shells
solar panel equipment shells
wind turbine equipment shells
instrument shells
military shells
Aluminum Stampings
copper stamping
brass stamping
steel stamping
stainless steel stamping
automotive stamping
medical equipment stamping
equipment stampings
custom stampings
transformer stampings
transistor stampings
electrical stampings
electronic stampings
military stampings
production stampings
custom stampings
telecommunications stampings
equipment stampings
battery stampings
fuel cell stampings
solar panel equipment stampings
wind turbine equipment stampings
instrument stampings
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