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Nutplate Enclosure Information

Norpin NutPlates

Nutplate Installation

indent Nutplates can be installed on all rectangular and square enclosures, and matching covers can be provided with attachment hardware. Nutplates can be installed on outside of enclosure if desired.

Ordering Information

indent You must have individual part numbers for both the enclosures and the covers. When ordering nutplates, be sure you specify the same pattern for both the enclosure and cover.

Vertical Dimensions

Measure from open end, ± 0.030

Horizontal Dimension

Measure from any inside surface, ± 0.030

Nutplate Elevation

Nutplate Order Guide

Type of Material
Code Letters
Aluminum (1100-0)*   AL
Brass   BR
Copper   CU
Cold Roll Steel   CRS
Stainless Steel   SS

*In most cases, 6061-0 AL, 3003H14 AL, or 3003-0 AL can be specified instead of 1100-0 AL.

Norpin Nutplate Configurations

Nutplate Enclosures

Nutplate Screw Image

Note: Other Specialized patterns are offered. Please call for additional information on configurations for both inside and outside of enclosures and covers.

To Order - Call (413) 599-1627

Nutplate Screw Specs

2024-T4 spec. QQ - A - 250/4

Nutplate Specs

Mild Steel - C1010
CAD Plated Spec AN QQ - P-416
Type: Classic

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