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Value Added Services

Indent Norpin Manufacturing Company, Inc. makes the finest quality enclosures available today while still maintaining competitive prices. No other manufacturer of deep drawn aluminum enclosures can offer you the same selection and consistent quality. Our high standards are maintained through an ongoing modernization program including computerized estimating and processing functions. CAD engineering assistance, and new equipment acquisitions to reduce tooling costs and increase productivity.

* Punching
* CNC Machining
* Tooling
* Powder Coating
* Abrasive & Bead Blasting
* Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection (FPI)
* Welding/Brazing
* Finishing
* Riveting
* Fasteners & PEM® Fastener Installation
* PEM® Fasteners
* Nutplate
* Handles
* Hinges
* Latches
* Gaskets
Finishing Services
* Chromic Anodize Type 1
* Sulfuric Anodize Type 2
* Hardcoat Anodize Type 3
* Conversion Coatings

* Brush Cadmium Plate
* Chromate of Magnesium
* Nickel Plate(Sulfamate)
* Nickel Cadmium Plate
* Silver Plate
* Zinc Plating
* Tin Plate (Bright)
* Cadmium Plate

* Passivation
* Copper
* Paint   Primers
* Powder Coating
* Silk Screening

Punching is the most cost effective way of modifying high quantity orders.

CNC Machining is the most cost effective way of modifying low quantity orders.

Nutplates   PEM® Fasteners can be used for your mounting needs.

Powdercoating is a cost effective method for high quality, weather   chemical resistant finishes. Many standard RAL colors available. Eco-Friendly solution; emitting almost ZERO VOC's   Solvents.

Finishing Services - We have wide variety of coatings to satisfy your needs.

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