Tolerances and General Information

Materials And Specifications

All enclosures can be supplied with material and/or finish certifications on request. Norpin Manufacturing has a comprehensive program to control all material from receipt through completed parts.

Material Thickness

The thickness shown in the catalog is a nominal dimension of the blank prior to drawing. The actual thickness of most enclosures is normall 75% or more of the nominal thickness. This depends on the draw depth, the number of draws and material thickness.

Standard Enclosure Tolerances

Length ± 0.015"
Width ± 0.015"
Trim Height ± 0.015"

Width and length are measured at the point of tangency at the closed end of the enclosure. The open end is generally larger due to material spring back and the deep draw process itself. How much larger depends on the material and the depth of the enclosure.

Nutplate Locations

Horizontal and vertical tolerances, ± 0.030"

Norpin Enclosure Numbering System

Norpin Order Guide
Type of Material
Code Letters
Aluminum (1100-0)*  
Cold Roll Steel  
Stainless Steel  

*In most cases, 6061-0 AL, 3003H14 AL, or 3003-0 AL can be specified instead of 1100-0 AL.

Economically Priced Tooling & CNC Fixtures

Ask us about our economically priced draw die tooling and our flat rate cnc fixtures.

Standard Product Catalog

We have over 25,000+ standard shapes and sizes of deep drawn metal enclosures available with little to no tooling costs.

Custom Drawn or Fabricated Enclosures

We can help you engineer your custom deep drawn or fabricated enclosures from start to finish out of materials such as cold rolled steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, aluminum and more.

Stainless Steel & Steel(CRS) Enclosures

We are well known for our quality aluminum enclosures. Did you know? We also specialize in Stainless Steel & Cold Rolled Steel Enclosures. View our catalog or call us today for more information.

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What We Manufacture

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